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Falls of Dochart Gin

To mark 20 years ownership of the Falls of Dochart Inn, its founder Ross Anderson has introduced a branded premium Scottish Gin, inspired by the local landscape overlooking the famous Falls of Dochart it pays tribute to being part of the Mighty river Tay system.


Our gin celebrates local flavours: Tayberries and Highland Botanicals. The combination of ingredients produce a clean, full-bodied flavored classic London Gin.

The story behind the bottle

The packaging of our small batch limited edition Gin is totally unique. We commissioned Scotland’s leading landscape artist Daniel Campbell to paint a watercolour of the Falls of Dochart just for our label. Daniel carefully selected a pallet of colours he believed best represented both the local landscape and our corporate colours. The watercolour is viewed through the gin bottle. On the reverse Daniel has sketched a map of the mighty River Tay system. The bottle is finished off with a swinging tag and Copper wax seal.

70cl. 40% ABV.


The Tayberry grows along the sunny banks of the River Tay. The Tayberry is a cross between a Blackberry and a Raspberry.

Highland Botanicals

We infuse eight other ingredients.
Juniper berries are picked and crushed before being infused
Coriander seeds. We add the second most common gin botanical to provide more citrus flavour as well as a touch of spice.
Angelica root is the third most common gin component. Once distilled, Angelica Root produces some sweet notes and wholesome earthiness.
Orris root is sourced from the iris flower and gives our gin its clean, spring-like sweetness.
Orange peel plays an important part in adding to the cirtus flavours we love, providing both bitterness and sweetness.
Black pepper is a tangy, spicy and warming botanical thanks to the naturally occurring alkaloid piperine contained in the peppercorn.
Lime peel intensifies the zing factor but is subtler than orange peel. The aromas first emerge in the nose and in the foretaste.
Cassia is a member of the cinnamon family that emits a hot and spicy scent whist adding complexity to the base.